Why I Am Running

Why is Brian running for Sparks City Council Ward 4?

Because he believes Sparks has lost that “small town feel” and the reality is under the current council women in ward 4 it will never come back.  Brian is all about the comeback!  Within the past five years a change has occurred in the City of Sparks and clearly our “Small Town” no longer exist and let’s face it we are a city not a town.  Sparks, especially in Spanish Springs needs additional roads, widen roads, more law enforcement and supplementary fire services.  Most of the issues in Ward 4 are speeding, roadway congestion and reckless driving and the lack of law enforcement presence which is not the fault of our police force, it a lack of funding.  We need a solution, not an excuse!  Our current Ward 4 City Councilwomen has failed to address these issues.  She has sent emails to Brian without solutions, but excuses on why things have not been accomplished.  Brian is a survivor and can think outside the box.  He understands Sparks needs funding from the State, the County and if needed the Federal Government to provide for the required infrastructure for the citizens of Sparks.  With the planned growth of homes, we need to have a roadway infrastructure that can accommodate the citizens of Ward 4.  More importantly we need additional law enforcement and fire services to provide for the safety of the citizens of Spanish Springs.  The incumbent, Charlene Bybee who lives off of North Los Altos does NOT experience what a majority of Ward 4 citizens experience, that is traffic and a lack of law enforcement and first responder services.

Why is Brian qualified for the elected office of Sparks City Council Ward 4?

First, he lives in the heart of Ward 4.  His home is located between the Wingfield Springs and Cimarron Home Owner Associations, two of the largest associations in the city.  He lives in the northern part of the Ward driving through the entire Ward dealing with the traffic to and from the freeway, and experiences the lack of law enforcement presence.  Brain understands  what the entire Ward 4 residence experience, traffic and congestion on the roadways, with a lack of law enforcement presence, which can only be curtailed by adding additional police officers, and staff.  Brain has a professional background in construction project management, coupled with a degree in Business Administration, in addition to 10 years of government service background.  He understands the phases of a project and the approach it takes to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Closeout a project.  In his professional career he has used the project management approach on his projects and it has been tested and proven to be successful.  His background in active full time government affords him the understanding of the processes and the procedures it requires to make a change.

It is has been said, “Dreams without goals are just dreams.”  Brian will use a common sense proven approach he has used for 20 years that takes dreams and makes them a reality.  Brian wants to sit down and meet with the community and work together to initiate a project, to plan road expansions, add additional law enforcement and fire services, execute those plans, and monitor the progress and see projects through to close out and completion.  This can be done because Brian will dedicate 100% of his time to the office of Ward 4 Sparks City Council.